Introduction of Shenzhen Outbound Alliance

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In 2016, supported by the Economic, Trade and Information Commission and the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Outbound Alliance was officially established to help the enterprises carry out international investment and trade cooperation and explore overseas markets. With the integration of various resources and combination of all efforts, we create an innovation cooperation platform featuring information communication, resource sharing, advantage complementation and mutual development. We also provide comprehensive services for the enterprises, including information exchange, financial support, talent cooperation, risk prevention and market research, ensuring the transnational operation of enterprises.

We take pride in our diversified membership of 260 enterprises and organizations, including well-known enterprises such as BYD Company Limited, Hytera Communications Corporation, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Limited, Shenzhen Investment Holdings and Shenzhen Energy, Shenzhen Electronics Industries Association, Shenzhen Garment Industries Association and Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association and the Statistical Society for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of Shenzhen, and professional service organizations such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte and KPMG (China).

We have already established long-standing relationship with foreign embassies and consulates, business offices and investment promotion bureaus of more than 130 countries and regions, including Germany, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Thailand, Ethiopia and South Africa. In 2017, we hosted and organized 91 economic and trade cooperation conferences targeting countries like Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, covering various sectors including new energy, electronics and communication engineering, medical care, real estate and education.

We are committed to building an efficient and pragmatic platform to enhance communication, push the transformation of our members from “growth in quantity” to “improvement in quality” and facilitate the implementation of the “Belt and Road”. In order to provide a whole-chain services for the enterprises and encourage them to “go global”, we communicated relevant policies, established information sharing system and held international exchange seminars. We also built a dedicated talent tool and held special training workshops. Our efforts have been acknowledged by enterprises and organizations at home and abroad as we provide them with one-stop online and offline services, including policy consultation, financing and matchmaking with foreign companies. 

On Nov. 21, 2017, the Inauguration Ceremony of Africa Branch of Shenzhen Outbound Alliance was held in the presence of leaders of the People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality, representatives from Ethiopian Government and business leaders of the domestic and overseas enterprises, plus more than 200 guests. Powered by close relationship between the Alliance and African countries, Africa Branch will facilitate Chinese enterprises in seeking development opportunities in Africa. The founding of the branch symbolizes that the alliance has embarked on a journey of global operation.