Cost of Doing Business in Thailand 2019

Cost of Doing Business in Thailand 2019

As investors demanding the land property of industrial parks is rapidly growing in Thailand, to foresee the great opportunity, Rojana Industrial Park Public Co., Ltd has run 6 industry park. Rojana Ayutthaya Industry park is the first park it built in Thailand.

Thailand: Rojana Ayutthaya Industry Park

Eastern Industry Zone is the only overseas economic & trade cooperative zone in Ethiopia at national level. Since its commencement, Eastern Industry Zone has been attached great importance by both China and Ethiopia Governments and received continuous guidance and support with enthusiasm and devotion from governments at different levels.


The industrial park Great Stone is the largest joint project of Belarus and China that will span decades. A site will be created in a strategically unique location – the geographical center of Europe, at the junction of major integration associations (the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union) and the new Silk Road. The park will welcome high-tech companies from all over the world.


JABABEKA & CO. Kendal Industrial Park-Park by the Bay


BlinkLabs is a tech company codifying and enhancing human judgment to solve automation problems faster. We are on a mission to deliver solutions of the biggest global challenges in automation: Ensuring quality in fully automated manufacturing. We provide manufacturers with the capabilities to reduce quality-related and speed up production.

BlinkLabs Ltd

ROBOBEND hos invented and now starts promoting world's first standard bending robot that can be used tor any of 1.5Mmetal bending machines {press breaks} around the world,and witch has a market potential of €103.88,with a possibility to multiply the market size once applied to other machines as well.

RoboBend ApS

Sharper Shape gives customers unprecedented insight and guidence for optimizing their critical infrastruture maintenance programs. Our end-to-end service utilizes drones (UAVs)and helicoptersequipped with sophisticated sensors that together with intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence help to fully understand the utility's assets and their needs.

SharperShape Oy/Ltd

Sensible 4 hos developed the best in class SAE level 4 autonomous driving system that will enable all road transport vehicles to safely become self-driving. The system functions is limited visibility and challenging environments,including snow,heavy rain and fog other difficult conditions that no competing system can manage.

Sensible 4 Oy/Ltd

RoboTool is a Danish company engaged in development and engineering of automation with robotic technology. We at RoboTool have high-level technological expertise which, combined with our year-long experience, makes us capable of solving even the most difficult tasks. Our focus is difficult handling of all kind of materials.

RoboTool AS
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