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A Letter of Appeal

Dear enterprises, business-owners and members,

It’s been 3 months since the outbreak of the COVID-19, with the efforts of the whole country, the situation of China is getting better, and we are glad to see most regions report no increased confirmed cases. However, the COVID-19 has become a epidemic worldwide, its said that by Beijing time 0:00 am, April 2, there are 200 countries declared confirmed cases of COVID-19 except China , and over 0.74 million cumulative confirmed cases, and over 37,000 death cases. The number of confirmed cases increased over 50,000 and the number of death case increased more than 3,000.

    The Shenzhen Outbound Alliance founded a group to fight back against the virus. In last 2 months, the group has help more than 1,000 enterprises with medical supplies. During this time, we received information of medical supply from official organizations of the U.S., Australia, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ethiopia, Ireland, Canada and other regions. They provide important information and had been very responsive.

With the globally escalating outbreak of the COVID-19, China, as a big country took the responsibility to help other countries. Recently, we have received requests for medical supplies such as protective suits, medical masks, protective masks, goggles, clinical gloves, medical shoe covers, test kits, and sanitizer.

 At the press conference held by State Council Information Office in the morning of March 26, officer said that we have to be united and help each other to fight the virus. The SOA and the SFIEC responded to the initiative, cooperated to help overseas official organizations to purchase medical supplies.

If you have and information or any questions about medical supplies, please contact us or scan the QR code below. Lets hold our hands to fight against the COVID-19.